Big Announcement + Target Predictions, Scone King! | Fantasy Football 2023 – Ep. 1403

Don’t miss the big news on today’s show! On today’s fantasy football podcast, Andy, Mike, and Jason discuss the toughest teams …


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  1. I love you guys, I never miss the show, please stop saying things like “ youse guyses” and your guyseses’ . I not sure what language this is but it makes your guyeses sound ridiculous and detracts from the content that we love. Keep pounding

  2. Love the Walrus!! But he is not the workhorse guy he once was and unfortunately injury is his new reality and I will be staying away unless he falls below rd6. Love the show ✌️

  3. Love the show. Subscriber/Footclan/Mega player. Never miss an episode. Would y'all be willing to do some unscripted episodes? Sometimes it can be unsettling when episodes feel so practiced. A "Where's the script" Wednesday? "Throw out the script Thursday" perhaps? "Forget the script Friday"? Just a thought, thanks.

  4. I agree with Jason's point; if everyone is taking top WR, then you take the top RB. Otherwise, you get the 8-9 best WRs while your opponent has the a top WR and top RB.

  5. AWESOME! LIVE show! To bad it wasn't on the east coast! But it is the same day as my leagues draft! 28th season!!!!! LETS GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  6. I traded the 2.01 for the 2.04 and Antonio Gibson during my rookie draft… the hype train is still accepting new members, get on while you can 🚂🚂🚂

  7. Lol. We want everyone at our live event. But we forgot to say it’s in California. So nobody on the east coast can really attend.

  8. Italian language also does “ch” as hard c. The C alone makes the “ch” sound you were thinking of.

    That’s why Bruschetta is brus-ketta and ciabatta is shabatta

  9. I lived in la for 10 years . Went to there last live show there it was an awesome day. Thankfully, I know longer live in that shithole of a city people call LOs Angles lol. I still hope your show kicks ass there. I’m sure it will

  10. You should have things for the viewers to vote on for the live event. People in attendance can share their my guy or something like that and then you can release results live.

  11. God loves y’all and giving your life to Jesus Christ is the best thing ever and so is being a Christian and so is talking to Him and seeking Him daily and turn and repent to God before it’s to late because Jesus is about to return if you want to know how you can do that just @ me or reply back to my comment

  12. Houston's target share for WR is impossible to project with any certainty. Giants are pretty easy, 60-80 targets split between 5 guys nobody wants. Same for Chiefs, only with Toney as the only flier worth taking.

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