EA Sports College Football is Coming SOON!

Here is everything you need to know about NCAA Football 25 (EA Sports College Football), the new college football video game …


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  1. I don’t mean to rain on the news, but this game is so far away most don’t care about info right now, especially with no photos or vids, let focus more on games like maximum football that will some day be a rival to EA with gamers support. The is near release so get on the right horse and kick your freaking spurs my guy!

  2. My guess is that I would like to see Chris Fowler, & Kirk Herbstriet as new commentators when the Brand New college football video game comes out that would nice.

  3. I played NCAA Football over Madden just for the game immersion. I hope they can improve it or don't lose it. I primarily play Dynasty, and a small portion of time in Road to Glory. If they add Ultimate Team, I probably won't play it. As for the avatars, I am not really fussed, rather see time focused on physics play and better simulation. I play revamped so happy playing old school graphics. I would like to see the other schools and would play for a DLC like mentioned. but really would love a create your school option, will add so much immersion.

  4. The graphics may be on the madden engine however if they do what they did back when. Which is allow custom offline create a school and allow for custom made logos. I think that would be great.

  5. I really hope they don’t madden the game but I can’t trust ea so hopefully it’s more like ncaa games and not like madden but it’s ea they will always focus on getting more money than actually making a good game.

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