NCAA Football 24 Will Have College Players – Or Will It?



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  1. EA is going to bitch this. I feel bad for anyone excited for this game. It’s going to be watered down madden. A lot has changed since 2014

  2. Having real players is not a priority to me. I know some want the real players and that is fine. But I am tired of the O’bannons of the NCAA that ended video game football for 11 years. These guys should feel honored if their name and likeness was used but they want a payday too! That payday is passed onto us the gamers. Give me the Teambuilder sharing ability and we can trade rosters.

  3. I have a feeling with all the individuals they'll have to pay they won't want to fund a new development team. It'll be a lot less money for them to just reskin that trash heap Madden. My hope for a good game is almost non existent.

  4. game on screen doesn't work. the new game won't work either. fake names are fine. the AU needs to work. i don't care about player names. after a season in career they change.

  5. Why aren’t we at a point where we can have 1 football game which combines ncaa and nfl and allows you follow college stats and results week by week as your season progresses? It opens up the coaching carousel for coaches to move between college and nfl. Makes a whole new universe.

  6. My interest in this game crashed and burned when I learned it's using Maddens game engine. How people can still be excited after hearing that this is going to be the same animation based b.s. gameplay is beyond me.

  7. I don't know why anyone is clamoring for this game. It's gonna be trash. NCAA 14 will still be far superior. It's gonna have the Madden engine in it. Is that what you want? That's what you are gonna get.

    I'm far more interested in Sony making a college baseball game or 2k making a college basketball game. I don't know if either are or will happen, but that'd be amazing.

  8. We have to be honest with ourselves, and realize that the expectations for EA sports is so low… I don’t expect it to be very good and that stinks to think that way, but that’s the standard EA sports has put out. If they’re using Maddens logic for a college football game, it’s gonna be a buggy mess and a nightmare for EA sports.

  9. I know this isn’t madden but I just played fifa as it is free with gamepass and let me just say this , madden is miles behind fifa in terms of animations presentations, hell even celebrations which madden loves to advertise, the game just feels a lot smoother , it’s not great but madden has some serious work to do it’s incomparable.

  10. So EA's way to counter 2K's and Maximum Football's direct Football game competition efforts against Madden is to pretty much make their own direct Madden in house counterpart by reviving EA NCAA with full player likeness this time?! LMAO

  11. Reason ncaa thrived More then madden was EA handed it to little brother and didn't care which led to it thrived. But I doubt this will be any different then madden just different teams
    Ncaa is curuption as nfl

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