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  1. Anyone that knows about football knows Poch can still ping a ball with Both feet 40plus yards with pin point accuracy, I wonder how many current Chelsea players can do this now!!! One thing that is for sure our midfield will be Dynamic and all players will be using both feet this is something we don't see now. You will see improvements and players scoring goals they wouldn't of scored before we will see our midfields scoring goals this is what wins titles and trophies almost Lampard esque. Finally Poch has a club he can successfully build and win trophies.

  2. Tuchel was not known as a manager that won much either before Chelsea. He only had minor trophies under Dortmund and one Ligue 1 trophy. Even at Dortmund, his team scored few goals and relied on a good defense. Meaning, he could never get the best out of attackers. So there is still a chance Poch will do great.

  3. Poch 4231 make use of inverted wingers so Mudryk will need some time to learn how to play in the half space. But instead of using 2 fullbacks high, Poch should use them to form a back 3. When James forms a back 3, Nkunku moves wide, Puli and Felix attack the half space, Chillwell moves high 325. When Chillwell forms a back 3, Puli stays wide and James moves high with Nkuku and Felix attacking the half space..


    Pulisic/Mud – Kai/JF -Nkuku/NM

    Enzo/Santos – Kante/Ampandu

    BC/Cu – Ba/Col – TS/WF- RJ/MG

    Sell other players and buy an experienced keeper..

  4. So true about the nucleus. If it ain't broke don't fix it. We were winning and they kept bringing in more players instead of letting that nucleus continue to grow and win.

  5. There needs to be lots of outgoings to trim the squad but I honestly think that 3 players complete this squad:
    Josko Gvardiol, Declan Rice and Victor Osimhen.

  6. of course we keep mount and gallagher. Its a no brainer. They are both proper chels who care for the club. We have brought so many players (far too many) in this transfer market and it is clear that most of them have just come here because of money and are not yet playing for the badge. We know that Mount and Gallagher loves this club to bits. They are chelsea through and through. We need that bit of passion at this club and hopefully with pochettino we can get them that extra edge that they both need and they can be starting again. Love The vids George UP THE CHELS.

  7. Does anyone remember the term "let bygones be bygones". I believe that term applies to us right now regarding a certain striker on our books. A certain striker is about to play in and possibly win a Champions League trophy.

  8. You seriously need to lay off the poch/Brighton cool aid mate. Reality check, we can barely beat forest. Jury is definitely out until we see how much power he actually has-who will buy players poch or Todd Boehly? Same for who picks the team?

  9. We already have a good team. Maybe 1-2 more players in key positions. Really depends on how Poch will manage the team. The liner up, tactics etc. Loan out the youngsters, end loans for Auba and Felix (probably unpopular opinion), bring back CHO and Abraham. We already have Nkunku so don’t think we need to spend big this window. Great if we can get either Caicedo or Rice

  10. Gallagher is only in his first season as a Chelsea player and everyone is ripping into him. He has so much potential and all these fans will eat their words in a season or two. The fans have given RLC so many years because apparently he has potential (when he is useless and should be first out the door) why can’t Gallagher and Mount have the same time because they are the foundations for the future and will win trophies.

  11. This squad just needs a clear out, a few key additions and a manager who breaks them physically. If you cry in the media or make trouble you go for another 20 mile run until you do what you are told for the club.

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