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  1. If they want to beat fifa or pes
    .they need to not script online games and let players play based on their skills ..but i doubt that bcz every company is greedy amd not for the players to play

  2. Games like fifa Street were realistic for me. In elementary school during rainy day PE. They'd fold up the bleachers, which were the out of bounds, and we'd play futbal.

  3. The problem with extremely competitive games is that they just end up being trash for most players. The problem with fifa in it's current state is that it's way to micro-intensive instead of being about, you know actual football.

  4. So this is basically a game that this YouTuber has hung his argument on being realistic and unique, That's exactly what we hear every year from new and already existing franchise but nothing changes except u get to pay more for something that use to be free.

  5. They’re scamming Pique. Fifa gets boring but we keep playing because it’s better. There are unrealistic football games, like that one anime one and they’re insignificant. Even compared to fifa rocket league is nothing

  6. Correction, they won't let you download the game on Discord, closed testing, useless from the beginning, the super selective elite garbage. Will fail!

  7. I support it simply because its competition.Fifa is top 3 of the worst AAA games i ever played.I hope this game attracts a lot if fifa consumers.

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