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  1. 🤔 Gamers could also use this to create NCAA Teams! 👍
    Or NFL Teams that WOKE forced to change team logos or names 👍
    Also copy / create NFL Players from Madden unto here 👍
    🤔 Combine NFL, Fantasy, NCAA, XFL and Created Teams up in here 👍

  2. It certainly is a competitor to Madden. As a disgruntled fan of Madden myself if this game plays better than Madden why on earth would i spend 70+ dollars on a football game when i can play a more entertaining football game thats free?

  3. I played one of the earlier Maximum Football games back when Canuck was working on it

    Taking away graphics, the customization and dynasty mode were at a level I have not seen since Madden 06, just to give a comparison

    Not only is it returning with better graphics and animations, but it's also free to play despite those improvements. That alone will have it competing with Madden once players see Maximum's features

  4. I hope they release a great game that gets a lot of attention. The reason why madden n 2k get worse every year is because there’s not competition for em so they can put out whatever they want

  5. one of my main complaints about madden is the decade old customization system. I know they brought on a new team for that and are trying to get new player models to overhaul the gear but I bet with EA's desire to make as little change as possible it won't be a thing till madden 25 or 26. If this game really has deep customization and allows for the creation that they say, I can't see myself touching madden until they get on the same level.

  6. Hopefully this will put some pressure on EA and inspire them to finally make an effort on the next Madden game…they're just going to sue or buy out the makers of Maximum Football aren't they?

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