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  1. Madden’s franchise mode is so basic and boring now. I use to go 7-8 years deep on Madden and NCAA with multiple teams. On NCAA 14 I made Wyoming national champs in 2 years and won 5 straight. I’ve given up on Madden. I may reconsider playing it again just to import my draft classes.

  2. With the amount of time they have to develop and really take their time on this game if it’s not better than NCAA 14 it’s a bust, even if it’s just as good as 14 it’s still a bust.

  3. Will it be on the same engine? The reason old college football games were so much better than madden is because the fast paced gameplay that differed from madden’s sluggish gameplay. I hope they don’t mess this up

  4. GAMEPLAY GAMEPLAY GAMEPLAY!!!!! Nothing else should matter, with this being made on the Frostbite engine we might as well throw this game out before its ever released. We talk way too much about atmosphere, sounds and game modes. Gameplay is the #1 reason why it wasn't madden.

  5. Let madden have mut and all that other bullshit. I want an actual franchise mode (dynasty) that is flawless and has all of the features that players have been begging for in the last 10+ years.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a video game in my life

  6. I hope they focus on customization and to not hold back. College fb allows so much more. From mouthpiece hanging off face mask to rolled up jerseys to padded arm sleeves. Need all it. Neck bands. Everything

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