You Can Now Play as a Director Of Football in Career Mode!

Believe it or not, you can actually almost simulate the director of football model. Rather than managing the games yourself, you …


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  1. This is great. I usually do this in NHL while playing GM mode. And I just watch the games. They have it so you can do CPU vs CPU. Never did career mode as a manager yet in Fifa. I just got it last week and I'm playing career player mode at the moment

  2. Just a note for CPU vs CPU settings.

    When using the 2 Team Sheets method, it matters where your locked player is named on the Team Sheet you use for the game.

    If your locked player is on the BENCH in the team sheet you actually use for the game, then when you pause after kickoff it comes up with “Player name is no longer on the field”, and the three options, and when you select to Watch the rest of the match, and then the system will still adjust tactics and make substitutions.

    However, if your locked player is in the RESERVE SQUAD in the team sheet that you use, it will go straight to CPU vs CPU from kickoff, and the AI doesn’t adjust your tactics or make substitutions. The gameplay also seems to reflect difficulty and slider settings a lot more.

    It took me a little while to figure out why sometimes it seemed to be randomly doing one or the other at kickoff.

  3. This is an absolute game changer for me! I absolutely love doing this! I do it on Madden as well!

    This has spiced my career mode up perfectly!

  4. A couple quick notes for anyone interested. I tried it out on my Kilmarnock career mode a few days ago after watching the video. The first thing to note is that the AI isn’t necessarily built for it. Attacking build up is kind of slow and I have a lot of games where my players don’t take many shots on goal. It’s still pretty fun to watch all the same but a little boring at times. The second is that the AI will still make random subs for you, so you HAVE to use them every game. Which I personally don’t mind but you’re constantly racing to beat the AI to make a substitute. The third thing, and this is what I’ve by far found the most annoying, is that the AI will also randomly change your tactics. You can’t use the D-Pad to set up your own but the AI always turns my back 4 into a 5 the minute we go down a goal or play better rated teams

  5. You can just lock on someone who won't even play & then just switch to a different squad before the game starts. That way you don't lose a sub.

  6. can someone please explain to me, because there was some things i didn’t understand
    1. what did he mean that you were gonna hire and then fire a scout, why are you gonna do that?
    2. when he said that you can do that you only make tactis and sign player and then you give the other things to someone else, who is gonna take care of that?

  7. What happens when you take a League 2 team up two years in a row and complete all objectives other than FA Cup round of 16 bc you're a crap team and "Ownership" threatens to fire you every year??? Until they fix that, the career mode will never be better than a 7/10. The press conference questions "have you lost your chance at the title(while up 8 pts)". It's so poorly done and never fixed. Same issues as 2021

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