#1 Alabama vs #24 Texas A&M Highlights | NCAAF Week 7 | College Football Highlights

Alabama visited Texas A&M in week 7 of the 2019 college football season. The Crimson Tide are now ranked number 1 in the …


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  1. Let's be real!!!! Alabama wouldn't even be relevant without there out of state recruiting.texas, Cali, an Florida are the best when it comes to football. Juss need to keep our talent in-state. TBH!!!!😔😔😔

  2. Come on bama d. Even though your bigger and faster than most, you have to communicate and use your heads out there. Don't just rely on your physical gifts it just doesn't cut it anymore. It seems like some of you youngsters are lost out there and make wrong reads. We won but still. Thought I'd point something out. RTR

  3. Worst highlight video every lmao. Starts off with a kickoff, then all of a sudden at the 1 yard line. And you replayed the same qb sneak like 20 times.

  4. Alabama destroying opponent


    Alabama gets scored on

    Most college football fans : they overrated! Weak schedule! Ain’t played nobody since 1957!!! Worst team in the nation now Saban is done!

    Lol just a little humor but I do see that very often. Other teams will nudge out like a 35-33 win yet Bama can be up by 35 but get scored on or just simply get scored on first and everyone loses their shit.

  5. i dont see sturdy dominant defense ive seen for alabama 2013-2017. offense is more dangerous with added passing attack but wheres tough gritty defense ive seen for years, alabama? i dont see toughness in their offense either now. they are fast though.

  6. "Theres nobody better in college football at throwing a slant" commentators really find any way to praise and love bama lmao that is one of the funniest things I've ever heard.

  7. I had this feeling that a&m would end up playing their best game when it came time to play Alabama. Jimbo hadn't been calling qb runs all year even when against Clemson yet he pulls them out this week lmao.

  8. can we acknowledge tua has been inaccurate with his deep ball this most of stats are coming off slants I mean the bomb plays he has hit this year have been on horrible defense last year he was throwing guys open on the regular this year he seems to be just off by a few yards

  9. "They kept that Alabama offense on the sideline for half the first quarter" and they still scored twice in the same quarter. Lmao damn I hate how good Bama is.

  10. Tua Tagavailola to the Falcons in the 2020 nfl draft, if they can't come to a compromise with Johnny Manziel in free agency of the 2020 free agent market!!! I love Tua Tagavailola but I sure do hate Alabama!!! Tua Tagavailola is the next Michael Vick and Johnny Manziel!!! I ❤ Tua!!!

  11. Kaho made a great block that resulted in TD:) Stiffen those fingers, just like volleyball. Cheehoo Tama Tonga!! Way to play smarter Bama!!

  12. I would hate it more if bumping into the kicker without harm arms up and get flagged. Hitting the punter would be consider a flag. Also some calls are bs for Bama TDs although I'm a Bama Student I don't agree with some of the callings.

  13. 1 Alabama
    2 Ohio State
    3 Oklahoma
    4 LSU
    5 Clemson
    It’s gonna be a exciting playoffs!
    Just my prediction. Just who I think the best teams in the country are. #RollTide

  14. Idk how the heisman is even close this year. Yeah hurts is balling but Tua has been balling out. He has more passing TDs than Hurts has total TDs

  15. Its gonna be so funny when Nick Satan retires or dies(god forbid) and Alabama crashes back down to planet earth and becomes just like everything else in Alabama agian. Average AT BEST😂😂😂😂

  16. These games aren’t even fair, Alabama is head and shoulders above everyone not named Clemson or Ohio State. Pay the players so they’ll have more schools to choose from instead of just Alabama because that’s where all the NFL talent goes

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