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  1. With a transfer grade like usc. Lsu. Etc. it’s playoff or bust. Then you underachieved and lost to Tulane. Usc fans you’re good again but that’s as far as Riley will take you.

  2. Lol Lincoln Riley is hilarious. The whole time you was at OU that was the tip of the iceberg and that’s it. That’s the ceilings for Riley. You know he’s doing good when you hire and new QB coach and not a new defensive coordinator

  3. Did he actually says name a team that is more impressive in recruiting than FSU? BAMA is #1 in recruiting_____________________________ FSU.🤣

  4. USC doesn’t have to go undefeated to get into the playoffs lol. The Pac12 has the potential to be the best conference in the country this year and the 12 team playoff starts after this year. Get it together Bmac

  5. Fake media is trying to put Sanders and Colorado in the conversation, and they haven't done shyte. There are better AAmerican coaches out there, and they choose him. Colorado will get smashed by the blue-bloods.

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