#24 Houston vs UTSA Exciting Ending | 2022 College Football

The college football game between UTSA and Houston had an exciting ending as UTSA somehow drove down the field with 23 …


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  1. Justice in the end. Refs were doing their damndest to give the game to UTSA but they didn't succeed. The clock didn't even start until 3 seconds after the ball was set in regulation and there were multiple brutal holds that sprung the scramble on 2OT conversion. The UTSA receiver begging for a call on an uncatchable terrible pass at the end is so comical lmao

  2. When did 3 seconds become necessary to attempt a field goal? I stopped following college football years ago, but I don't recall that being a rule. In fact, just 1 second was needed to attempt another play.

  3. Worth noting for the future: Houston chose to be on offense in 1OT after winning the coin toss. Holgorsen said the data has shifted toward the team on offense first winning more often in OT. Who thinks more teams adopt that plan?

  4. Can anyone explain to me why at 0:33, with 0:11 on the clock, a pass over the middle for a first down stopped the clock, not just for the chains to move, but for the entirety of the play clock, allowing UTSA time to spike the ball on their next first down and ultimately kick a field goal to tie? Is this a new rule?

  5. 210 versus 713… as some have posted, this should be a home and home "special annual" game. Great for both universities, fans and cities. Maybe something like the "Draw the line at Dubina" (Dubina, Texas is the approximate halfway point between the two cities).

  6. Okay so I was working. I saw the highlights, can someone explain why it the 2:18 mark of the game when the Houston player knee touch the ground, why was that time given back to UTSA?

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