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  1. This situation started when some spectators took to the field, some just wanted to take a photo and then other spectators followed.
    But suddenly the police fired tear gas, the situation became chaotic as a result of the audience panic in the stadium.

  2. I remember as a kid being at Ibrox park Celtic park and Hampden park in Glasgow Scotland and the feeling of being crushed to near death, Ibrox park of Glasgow rangers were the first stadium in the United Kingdom to have an all seater stadium due to having two disasters, and the rest of the teams in Britain followed suit and became law to have all seater stadiums. It was the most horrible and lonely feeling of being crushed to near death, my thoughts go out to all who have been affected by this tragedy and may the dead rest in peace.

  3. it is strictly against FIFA's rules that security personal in charge of crowd control fire tear gas at fans sitting down and watching the game – it always causes mass panic there were NO exits were open these innocent people were crushed to death. Indonesia football federation need investigating for allowing this to occur – The people in charge of the police at the game want charging with murder

  4. Imagine your parents work hard their entire lives so you can grow up get fed go to school get a job and you waste it all on football field for what? For a bunch of guys who run after rounded object just so they can hit inside the square.

  5. Wow I was hoping I wouldn’t have to witness death on the terraces again in my lifetime..Can I offer my deepest condolences to the fans and the family’s from Leeds fan England ❤🙏

  6. Arema FC fans stormed to the pitch after the game which won by Persebaya FC 3-2 has ended. The two teams are long bitter enemy. It was the first defeat in 23 years, and it triggered anger from the fans. They stormed to the pitch because they were disappointed to their own team players not to the opponent team. Fyi, there were no opponent supporters in the stadium because they didn't allowed to avoid clash. Unfortunately, police responded the riot like they handle demonstrations by using tear gas. They even shot tear gas to the tribunes full of people who stayed at their seats causing chaos and panic and then stamped happened. In this case, police should be blamed the most.

  7. I'm from Brazil and I hate football. The media is shoving this horrible, violent sport down our throats 24 hours a day. And I think football between countries should be banned before tragedy strikes. This problem is not just for third world countries, hooligans are a phenomenon of this sport that has been little studied by the media. And I believe that the world cup in Brazil in 2014 triggers the war in Gaza 2014 and also the war that is happening now in Ukraine.

  8. There are people risking their lives for freedom and this people are fighting over a game shouldn’t even be allowed to be to participate in any Games

  9. 1) PT LIB and PSSI don't want to change the schedule of the East Java derby to daytime and are more concerned with sponsors & TV ratings for money 💰💵
    2) As a result, some fans took to the field to protest and did not accept defeat, so the police took security measures against the players.
    3) more and more fans came down and committed crimes against the police and finally the police used tear gas booms and also fired gas into the stands where many people in the stands became victims too, it was difficult to find a way out/evacuate themselves because the doors were still closed and lack of oxygen.
    4) stadium capacity that exceeds regulations, which should have been 25 thousand tickets to 40 thousand tickets (mafia is looking for money and taking advantage of the East Java derby situation)

    That's why I don't want to watch Indonesian league because there are many mafias and they are looking for a political stage in football.

  10. Fan start riot n fighting..Indonesia police shot tear gas..fan panic running to everyway chaos happening in way out (tunnel) .. many fan trap there n cannot breathe .. good job Indonesia police u are very professional 😏😏 .. FIFA ban using of tear gas inside stadium for reason Indonesia..

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