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  1. Seeing that old Santos Laguna jersey takes me back to my childhood, that white & Green goes hard. I can't lie…if I had that Santos Jersey I'd rock it with my green & white Jordan 4 sb's

  2. I'm old enough to not only remember the days before youtube but also they days when Santos was kind of a new team and it was really bad. I'm not getting this out of proportion, it's only that in retrospective this is so bizarre, things have changed so much in terms of mercantilism, information technology, and even sports wise, seeing the team has survived it's hardest years and is still a thing to this day. I mean, if I had seen this in a dream back then I would have come to the realization that it was just a dream. *edit: back in the day it even seemed football jerseys were far from being a big deal to anyone.

  3. I feel like this experience was wasted on this guy. He doesn’t really like football shirts ! Would have been better if the person actually had an interest.

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