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  1. What would you say about fixing the fact that when a player shoots from bigger distance he has a bigger chance to score than shooting from less distance? I think it would have been more helpful than to give us this non-sense changes about speaking with players and with press…

  2. FM to PES/FIFA Stats Converter and Player Scouter



    "FM Stats Converter and Player Scouter" is a new tool for converting the player stats from Football Manager 2021 to Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 or FIFA Soccer 2021. By this way the PES/FIFA gameplay will be looking more realistic. In addition, using this tool you can scout any player you want asking special characteristics/abilities.

    in full version:

    -database of 9051 best fm players (according to their current ability)

    -auto player stats conversion from FM 2021 to PES 2021 or FIFA 2021

    -manual conversion

    -scout players by choosing fm special characteristics/abilities

    -available photo for each player

  3. I still play CM 03 04 in 2021 because it's more simple.. fm got extremly time wasting and complex to me… I can't like this.. Sorry.. If u can put an upgrade to the cm 03 04 game that would be awesome but impossible in the same time.. sad

  4. Let me guess the ME still sucks ass since the very first FM? When will they learn…I am sure they spend more time with thinking about the effects of burger pricing in the stadium affects the mood of the fans and impacts their energy levels per calorie which will give them more energy to sing louder and push the team to improve their performance by 0.003% (or slightly less depending if they went with the "bunless option")

  5. i cant believe they are headlining these conversation features, what a complete waste of time
    this game is so insanely popular, why do they always make such small improvements every year? the match engine still looks like 1998 graphics

  6. Football Manager is now just Total Club Manager circa 2005. It's fallen a long way since the golden days of CM3, where anything was possible. 🙁

  7. They should be focus on tactics details not bloody communication. Who gives shit about the dressing room. This is football managers not a communication simulation.

  8. Every year same bullshit..Small irrelevant updates so you can milk us every year as long as you can…

    CAN you LISTEN to your fanbase and what we wont for YEARS and give us a COMPLETE and most amazing game you CAN imagine and create..
    Instead of giving us a broken and boring game, GIVE US FINALLY complete game, and every FM fun would happily PAY every year 60e for a YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION..You won't lose your precious money that way..

  9. This is poor. I bought last years and was disappointed with the difference between the marketing and the actual game. I wished I'd stayed with FM19 under principal, and also because there wasn't that much difference. Certainly not £35 difference! I just felt stupid for being sucked into shiny new features, advertised in videos like this. They play on peoples desire for new things. The excitement of a purchase. You desperately want it to be good and substantially innovative.
    I have been playing Championship ManagerFootball Manager off and on since 1993. From now on I am going to alternate years of purchase so at least there might be something substantial as an update. Something better than a few copy and paste re skins, and a database update. I'd argue the fan sites that develop the kits, databases and badges for the game make more changes, and do more work on this title each year.
    This video, the guy talks a good game (young YouTube knob head, balls deep in SI), but if you pause and look at the background, the press conferences are EXACTLY the same text, they have just re skinned it and changed 'tones' to 'gestures'. So, essentially EXACTLY the same shit, just made to deceptively look a little different. That is just lazy development and marketing, and is aimed at all the sheep who will buy it regardless. They may as well draw a massive finger on the marketing art!
    Carry on watching, and the one on one chats are (there's a theme here) EXACTLY the same text, just formatted slightly differently. Lazy, lazy, lazy!!!!!!!
    The scouting part is…..meh??? Nothing there you can't do already using a few menus instead. I mean wow how revolutionary??!!!
    Then the end of season stuff? That info is already there! It's already in the game if you bother to dig down! Again they have just pimped it up to manipulate fans.
    They have a trophy lift you say???? So they f*cking well should!! It's emulating elite competition…..Jesus wept!!! They say this as if it's an AMAZING INNOVATION! Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining, Jesus Christ!!!
    This is poor. To charge people £35 just to patch a game they already have is daylight robbery. I'd encourage genuine fans of the series to make a stand on this. Unless you want to keep seeing this happen year after year.

  10. So there will be even more the most boring part – interactions 🙁 I'm not so optimistic the game engine will be significantly improved

  11. Just asking why Premier League didn't have a real logo, clothes, face etc like others league like Seria A etc? I wonder… because for me when Premier League have those things, it will bring a very high hype for everyone who play fm

  12. 2020 was by the the worst game since I started playing FM in 2009. The match engine was absolutely dreadful. If 2021 isn't a massive improvement on that front, I don't think I can bother with it.

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