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  1. Thank you all for the support on this video the last week or so! Huge spike in views now that the CFB season is just a month away! I'm trying to be more active on these comments and my discord for any of you that need help

  2. So do I have to install the game first and run it once before I start and install the mod? I've been trying to install the mod with no luck, I'm still getting the 2013 menus and not the CF Revamped menus.

  3. i love you, thank you so much. i spent easily 10+ hours tryingg to figure it out and every other tutorial was terrible, i seriously cant thank you enough😭

  4. Every time i load into the game my pc stays on like the light on the a top of my pc on but my monitor and keyboard and mouse turns off and i have to restart it and the game wont download I'm stuck at the very first part where it shows denard robison and it shuts off anyone help me?

  5. Incredibly useful. Tried a couple other tutorials and this was the only one that worked for me. Thanks man and keep up the great work!

  6. Had this game a while back, had an issue where it would freeze and crash so I deleted it. Used to perfectly run fine on my pc in the past before that issue, not sure what caused. So I deleted all the files today, including for rpcs3, the game file and the modded files. Reinstalled all of that today using a tutorial video and still when I go to play an offline dynasty it freezes right before I get to half time. What is the issue here, anyone else having this problem?

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