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  1. All of the very heartfelt and heartwarming stuff about this clip has already been said very well, but I gotta say – whoever cut this clip cut it at just the right time.

  2. I really enjoyed this episode. It was oddly satisfying to see Rupert starting to become human again, even if it may be temporary. I also really appreciate when passion wins over money.

  3. As great as this scene is with the violin and the other moments spliced in, I would love to see a cut where we just stay on Rebecca giving the speech. With just the music. It sounded like she killed in the voice-over portions and I'd love to have seen the emotions on her face the entire way through it.

  4. i love that Nate went home to be sad or to be ill and recover. there is nothing like being able to go home again to find the you that you forgot about. and to be with a parent who loves you so unconditionally. i do find it a stretch that Nate's father would suddenly be kind to his son after a lifetime of condescension and withholding his love and approval. probably has much to do with this being that last few episodes so they want to wrap everyone up in a tidy fashion. but come on, stretch it out at least 2 episodes to show just how the father comes to this realization. Rebecca is awesome as usual. the Akufo actor communicates psychopath to perfection – he was horrifying!

  5. I was so happy when no one agreed to sign on in the end. I really thought it would just end with them acknowledging her "little speech" as "cute" but going for more money in the end because it's a very true cliché. And that she would shake her head and sigh and smile. But the fact that Rupert didn't especially – was great.

    This show is very good at keeping you surprised, even when the expected happens, like Nate realizing his mistakes and his dad realizing how his hurt his son. Because they never give you a long drawn out speech when these things happen. Nate and his dad and mom just played a card game. I liked that a lot because for most people, just saying the words "I'm sorry I did that" is enough, you don't need the speech. You prove it by doing something together without judgement afterwards.

    And when Rebecca pulled away from Rupert after the speech, she just smiled and shook her head and walked away, and Rupert looked like he finally acknowledged her for it. Sometimes a speech is needed to show someone that yes, you still care for them. It doesn't mean you have to have any kind of relationship with them if you don't want. But you still want them to know you once did care for them and you can still see why someone would if they saw those good qualities and if that person gives someone the opportunity to. If Rupert redeems himself in any way, it won't be because there's a chance Rebecca might take him back. And if Nate's father redeems himself, it's because he sees he needs to in his son's eyes.

  6. This clip honestly made me cry, fuck you Alex Hamilton and thank you Rob and Ryan. Been a fan of Wrexham since I was 3 years old, when the beautiful club was nearly evicted so that flats could be built on the site of the stadium, and we spent 18 long years in squalor because of greedy owners, only fixed when two great people came in as owners and realised that it wasn’t about their interests, it’s the interests of the club. Alex Hamilton burn in hell.

  7. One of the larger full circles: In Season 1, Episode 1, Rebecca's reason for hiring Ted was to destroy the club that the fans love — "just to" hurt Rupert, wrongly thinking this revenge would make herself feel better.

    Yet, in Season three, episode 10, it is Rebecca who saves the very same soccer fans, as the rich and powerful are about to create a super league "just to" make more money for themselves — wrongly thinking that greed for money will satisfy what they lack.

    [As I saw it, the owner's looked as if they had very little life left in them, and their pursuit of money was as misguided as Rebecca's desire for revenge.

    Rupert was human for a moment when he laughed at the situation. (It is notable that everyone else in the room failed to see the joy in the moment.) However, Rupert then went back to being his worst self when he tried to kiss Rebecca. (In comparison to Roy who showed a measure of respect by making the move to walk away from Keeley after his apology — letting her have the power to re-initiate their relationship.)

    I supect that Rupert will be a character who finally sees what he had, and what he lost, but he will see it too late. Something that happens in life.

    This is a master class in story telling.

  8. I loved how Rebecca said “Loved this game” it highlights how some owners don’t care about the fans but care about how much money they can make from their clubs

  9. This season has built so perfectly. The last few episodes were epic. I’m sure the last two will be amazing. I said the other day that succession is the best show of 2023 but Ted Lasso giving it a run for it’s money.

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