The Overreaction Episode! + Best Ball Breakdown, Jungle Traps | Fantasy Football 2023 – Ep. 1404

Don’t freak out! On today’s fantasy football podcast, Andy, Mike, and Jason pick players and situations that fantasy managers are …


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  1. Great show! You nailed Richardson, Kelce and Ridley perfectly. I am still drafting Kelce 5 or 6 though. I will only draft Ridley very late. As someone with mental difficulties, I don't trust him. I will only get him if he's still around at the end.

  2. for the Dynasty Episode: we gonna act like jeudy did not finish WR6 over the last span of the season? even top 10 in ppg in full ppr if you count out the two injured games with 1 snap

  3. Kelce will dominate again and he is a huge difference maker by having him in your TE spot. I'll be taking Kelce high in most of my leagues. I've already done a couple ESPN drafts with taking him in round #1 and I still ended up with a great team that I would feel great about for the season.

  4. I’m half way through the episode. Is Jason trying say “abysmal” a certain amount of times? And can he try to spell it on spitballers? Lol

    Thanks guys. You’re awesome.

  5. This episode sounds exactly like Tuesdays ep. Talking about Josh Allen and Justin Fields, saying the exact same thing. Why? U said the same thing about Richardson also, 2 days in a row

  6. Kelce is so hard because the likelihood seems another great year but goodness are you putting your RB/WR at high risk when you take Kelce in the top/middle of round 1. I like James Conner, for example. But are you cool with him as your RB1? Or if you take Kelce and go RB/RB are you cool with Terry McLaurin as your WR1 and George Pickens (who I think is undervalued) as your WR2?

  7. Yeah I've got DJ Moore 39 spots lower in my rankings than Yahoo's. I think his range of outcomes tops out at where he's been his whole career and bottoms out at relatively poor production. Just don't see how you go from Cole Khmet's 544 yards leading your team to sustaining a WR 2.

  8. You can't just look at the numbers when you're talking about Justin Fields, it doesn't matter because the receivers he was throwing the ball to were dog water. The bears leading receiver was Darnell Mooney and he was injured for like five or six games, that's atrocious. There was so many balls that were perfectly thrown and dropped, and don't even get me started about the offensive line. I think you need to look at Justin Fields body of work in college as an elite thrower of the football when he had weapons and a good situation. He's going to be in the second year in this Luke Getty offense, has a number one receiver, has two number two receivers, and hopefully a sufficient offensive line. Last year's numbers don't mean Jack squat if I'm being completely honest, The kid did what he had to do to survive which was running away from everybody else lol

  9. Hopkins, playing on a team playing from behind virtually all game every game is easy money. The volume will be there, Hopkins + volume works for me regardless of QB.

  10. RG3 won the Heisman tho lmaoo. The overhype is too much for AR. People comparing AR to cam Newton and RG3 is disrespectful to what those guys achieved in college. Even fields and hurts AR won’t make it

  11. Bears RBs are Donta Foreman and Khalil Herbert. Bears have said they want to pass more, got rid of D Montgomery, and strengthened the O Line. I’m not sure how you look at that and think the Bears are going to be a Run First team again this year.
    DJ Moore is in line to be a WR1 this year.

  12. Won last year drafting hopkins and Godwin at the discount price I'll definitely be taking the gamble on Ridley! Hopefully have both him and hopkins. But also had Aj brown, cmc, aaron jones, and Christian Watson. Plus my 8 round pick r Stevenson. Stacked team come at a risk. QB was Murray then trevor lawrence and D bones Jones at times. Redraft 12man team. Pick 8 cmc! Great job guys! Thanks for all the work that you do!

  13. I love Jason, but his Kelce take for the past 2 years has been straight garbage. Glad I didn’t listen to him last year and instead listened to my gut and took Kelce with the 1.10. I’d happily draft Kelce with the 1.04 and recommend everyone reading this to do the same!!

  14. This Richardson talk sounds very famillar. This picking Richardson and then Cousins/Jones later is the same strategy that was discussed two years ago when Fields and Lance were coming into the league. This strategy was catastrophic.

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