#1 Georgia vs Kent State Highlights | College Football Week 4 | 2022 College Football Highlights

Georgia vs Kent State Highlights (Kent State vs Georgia) | 2022 College Football Highlights. Georgia Football hosted Kent State in …


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  1. Came here as a Vol fan after the FBS final, to see what the hill happened in this Kent State game. Well, an opening run for a TD made UGA believe this was a laugher. Nope. Fumbles, interceptions, and Kent St playing one of their best games showed UGA they have to bring something, not sleep on softer games. Missouri same thing, so maybe that was what the Dawgs needed. A couple of it-can't-happen-to-us scares appears to be good Dawg training.

  2. 🤔i hate when ppl say WE beat so and so👉 our WE are way better or 👉WE won this🥇 or that game or👉 WHERE better then this or that team🤦‍♂ that WE shit is fucking retarded because WE as fans didnt contribute shit to any of the wins🏈 thats why i find it funny when ppl run there mouth to other fans, because aint a damn one of us out there putting in the work ⛓ but somehow ppl act like there so tuff🥊🥊 because there team they cheerlead for is a decent for a few short years…but just ask Auburn and Clemson and Usc and Florida that shit comes and goes, idk the shit kills me just to read comments like ppl are doing something so DAMN great i thank ppl need to reel🎣 it back in sometimes and realize they themselve's are just cheerleaders🙆‍♀🙆‍♂📣 at the highest level………

  3. Definitely not a number 1 team, Alabama and many other top ranking teams haven’t allowed this many points to be scored against them, much less against unranked opponents.
    Everyone is talking about Georgia is replacing Alabama, not even close. If they show up to play Alabama like this; it would be a shut out.

  4. Kent state has a good program! They don't get enough respect, as their schedule is loaded with top teams. Everyone looking at this thinking Georgia is weak, think again! Last year Kent state was one of two teams to score big on Georgia! And what happened? Oh yeah! GEORGIA WAS NATIONAL CHAMPS!
    So think again! GEORGIA is still the toughest team out there right now. If Kent state played like this against everyone, they would be a top 10 team! And better Georgia has a few coaching moments now, rather then in the meat of the schedule! So GO DAWGS!!!!! Let's see if Tennessee, Kentucky, or anyone else can hang like Kent state! Doubt it!
    Until the SEC championship, I just don't see the Dawgs in a real dog fight like this again. Tennessee isn't ready yet defensively speaking. Kentucky should be ranked below Tennessee far as I'm concerned, and we'll see how they do against Bama shortly.
    Even Bama showed their necks against Texas. So if Tennessee or Kentucky can take Bama I'll worry about them a little. But the DAWGS are the team to beat this year. They are the Death Star looking down from on high, and finding everyone else wanting!

  5. Why did the Geogia defender, who made the late interception, just run off the field, why didn't he try to make some yards and kill some clock?

  6. People forget uga is still rebuilding cant complain about close games this is just how it goes uga has plenty of games to fix things uga is a dangerous team don't let this game fool you .good job Kent's state hell of an effort

  7. I can’t wait until Georgia plays a real team and gets whooped they’re weak only have bowers and Bennett 😅 it took a Kent state team to show they’re weaknesses play Alabama like this and it’s over they won’t get pst the sec this year like last year they got beat by bama for the conference 😂

  8. GEORGIA Fake Champions.. Meechie n Jameis Williams was HURT in Title Game

    What happened in SeC Title Game when Meechie n Jameis Williams played Georgia fans? Y'all got exposed 41-13 or similar score I think

  9. Two things really surprised me in this game.

    1. Georgia's offense continues to struggle in the red zone.
    2. 22 points?!

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