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  1. Im from gloucester and live in stroud, it was so cool seeing the place ive seen alot during my life be in josh's video (i dont support fgr tho, im a swindon fan, fuck the opps , the opps are forrest green)

  2. I live Grimsby away I’m a Lincoln fan so it’s a massive derby it’s like Manchester City v united it’s amazing

  3. This video shows how little people who live near London know of the rest of England 😂 I knew where all these cities/ towns were roughly on a map instantly

  4. Football clubs started in the late 1800's… and a club built their "stadium" in the heart of the town… makes sense… new stadium get build on the outskirt for the obvious reasons… transport is better, cheaper cost… so.. old one in the town.. new ones on the outskirt… unless it's rebuilt.

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