How a FOOTBALL is Broken In By “MUDDING” | Sports Dissected

This episode of our “Sports Dissected” series takes us into the University of Houston’s football equipment room to learn how they …


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  1. Why can't they just make a machine to do this at the factory? It's like $150 for an authentic ball AND I gotta do labor on the damn thing?

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  3. Geeez these media made morons used to be free thinking American men…then they lost their spine and put a mask on instead of standing up for logic and the ability to use common sense.

  4. I bought six spalding leather AFL footballs I prepped one following the steps in this video then I prepped one by spraying it with multi-purpose spray glue and it actually softened the leather protects the leather and gives it grip it literally created the same goal in less than half the time

  5. No offence, but I reckon you seppos ought to look hard into this 'practice' you think does something favourable to a leather ball, and have a look at whether in scientific fact it actually does any of what you think it does.
    In particular the use of mud, which will have a high water content is going to be detrimental to any leather. Thankfully the leather has just had some conditioner applied to it beforehand which might prevent a lot of the damage that water is going to cause – but not all. The colour change proves some water absorption has taken place. What's funny is the bloke says a rainy day of balls hitting wet ground wrecks balls, but hey – let's just rub mud into every new ball we get? Come on fellas. Super dumb.
    The use of a heat gun to accelerate the absorption of conditioner into leather is also going to be damaging to the longevity of that leather. In a pinch, you can place conditioned leather in sunshine to accelerate absorption but I really wouldn't recommend that unless in an absolute pinch. How do you think any skin does sitting in hot sun, or worse, under a heat gun? That's right – it damages it.
    The Wilson NFL ball is a great leather ball – stop rubbing water into them and roasting them under heat guns!!!

  6. A great video. This treatment is for the brand new ball. But does this work with a ball which is used in games without any treatment? Or is it like with the old non cleaned leather, there is no chance to make it better.

  7. Let’s get a QB chain going only reply if you’ve played high school ball or higher. How do you/you make your equipment staff break in your game balls?

    I’ll go first. Two rain practices or 3 practices as the kickers ball don’t bring it to me if it hasn’t seen one or the other.

  8. I hope no one believes the NFL allows this crap..look at Brady` s 600 TD ball handed over to the fan..they are crisp,and clean…none of this bullshit mudding…the NFL officials take control of fresh properly inflated balls from the home team period…shaving cream..oh and chocolate chip cookie dough…quit this bullshit…the NFL allows no tampering with game balls…just stop it enough…quit lying..

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