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  1. Wrapped up my first season last month, lost a final, got relegated, and then won a cup absolutely battering the teams in our new division. It was a tricky season for me, hitting the post and crossbar, but I definitely have some personal highlights like at the beginning of a seven a side match that I was the captain of, at kick off I just got the ball in My own half and just sprinted past the rest of the team with ease. It was an okay first season, but I'm gonna do my best to prepare for the new season in late January/early February (I live in Ireland, for some reason our season begins at the start of Spring and ends in October). Next season one of my goals is to start recording my matches, I'm actually considering getting a camera for Christmas, so I might use it at the matches. Wish me luck

  2. Chris you just don’t understand 😂. In America where our culture is baseball and football, even a simple clearing header from the center back gets the crowd rowdy because no one understands anything about the sport 😂😂

  3. I was watching this because I was bored and then I realised at the 3:24 Second mark I noticed that pitch looked very familiar then I realised that that is the football pitch I platt in Melbourne 😂

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