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  1. Great Video I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Amazing looking game. Wow love it gotta check it out tomorrow, my day off.
    Thank you for the insight. 🤗

  2. The kicking mechanics don't just look hard, they look terrible. It's too bad because it otherwise looks like a pretty remarkable game but when you're making a decision based on how poorly designed a gameplay mechanic is, that's a gameplay problem. Going by developer responses on the forum this seems like a design choice as well.

  3. Great introduction. Wire events start around week 4, and the offseason is interesting content as well. Would love to see a series where you get to know your players. Your RB might have MVP potential!

  4. Nice review. I’ve played this game a lot. Rushing becomes much harder on Hard difficulty and everything becomes absolutely insane on Legend difficulty.
    As for passing and kicking, I had to spend some time in the practice area to get good at it. This game is not easy, but it is fun.

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