Miami vs. Pittsburgh Football Highlights (2017)

Miami vs. Pittsburgh: The Panthers knocked off the No. 2 team in the country for the second-consecutive season, topping the …


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  1. Was at this game and I’m still in shock that now almost 4 years later, he would help bring an ACC championship to Pitt, be a Heisman finalist and be selected in the first round to go to the Steelers.

  2. Still can’t believe we lost this came if we would have won this game we would of possibly been in the play off if we won the rest of our games but we didn’t it’s irritating asf

  3. Let me tell yall something this game miami couldn't handle cold thats what Florida can do to you so if you look in the 2018 season miami vs pitt you would see Pittsburgh aint shit in the heat

  4. Pitt will play ND and will be close and will look like a national contender. Then they will lose to a team they should easily beat. The story of Pitt football for the past 35 years.

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