NCAA Football Video Game Latest News Revealed!

In this NCAA College Football video, I’ll be going over the latest news for the upcoming EA College Football video game! For more …


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  1. The MOST important thing is that each college is as accurate as can be on their traditions, unique chants and stand tunes, and field entrances! That will be what sells the most copies

  2. I know EA is going to completely fumble this game and its going to likely be mediocre at very best but it would be dope if at the end of winning a game with Bama you get the rammer jammer chant.. I know they won't get that realistic though.

  3. I’d say if they can’t license the players just make generic rosters that make the teams about the strength they would be in real life. Personally I always played dynasty mode, so after a few seasons in dynasty mode the rosters were irrelevant.

  4. It'll be awesome if they include Clemson running down the hill. I still have NCAA Football 14 and play it all the time. Can't wait for a new addition to come out.

  5. Hello everyone, Im mexican and I love college football so much, Can somebody let me know, how Can I buy NCAA Football 2022 or 2023? I will be very grateful.

  6. I hope they bring back importing. I remember when we could import our college players to Madden. That was the coolest feature

  7. I was really hoping we might be able to see what 2k could do with a college football franchise. Maybe they'll do a college Bball game instead.

  8. Dear EA sports. As a longtime fan and consumer of this game please don't mess this up. The gameplay, mechanics, and engine for success is NCAA Football 12. The animations were very realistic and the recruiting mode was probably the BEST I've ever seen. After '12 it got weird, recruiting was confusing, and the player motion was robotic and weird. If they can mimic THAT '12 experience (with Mark Ingram on the cover) with better graphics, stadium/game day experience, and the LSU home crowd "Neck" chant? It could possibly be the greatest football game ever made. I'm going on record to say it now.

  9. Honestly, they created a near perfect football game in NCAA 14. If they stray away from very much of that, I don't see how the game can be considered a success.

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