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  1. Hopefully Dowell does well. Its not a signing that has me excited but hopefully he surprises us. McCrorie for number 1. No more Alfie, he is an empty jersey. Cantwell is awesome, such a good player. The media can try and villanize him but our fans love him. 💙🇬🇧

  2. I like that Beale hasn't just been looking at players since November he's been following them most of their career….But Dowell gives me the fear with injuries.We bought a bunch of crocks(with the exception of Colak who started well)last summer and don't need a repeat of this.

  3. Beale gets it best appointment we have made. Sitting as Gerrards side kick for years he’s seen it all. We go again next season full belief beale wins the league for us 🇬🇧

  4. Why did you play MORELOS , he's leaving don't see the point , Yesterday was yesterday , today is today tomorrow is tomorrow , simple ! I'm still not convinced with BEALE, talks a lot , so we will see with the new signings what the story is at the beginning of the new season , lots of names being bandied about , so I'm lost listening to it all .

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