The Auburn football roster is almost complete under Hugh Freeze | Auburn Tigers Podcast

The first Auburn football roster of the Hugh Freeze era is almost complete. With an unofficial count of 82 scholarships after adding …


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  1. Auburn has needed a defense since 2004. Ever since those 4 years, auburn has allowed more yards and td's. Auburn is in desperation mode right now for a sub par defense that can barely hang on to uab. I hope to see a huge change with the defense in the next few years. I still predict a barely 6 win season just because of this horrible defense. If we have to shootout every game, we'll be exhausted by week 5 with tons of injuries on both sides. That's why I'm not paying attention to the offense at all. It doesn't matter if your defense can't slow down anything. I just don't see a 7 win season yet. It's gonna be extremely tough.

  2. It might not matter if Jarquez Hunter is actually in a video that was made public. If he was unknowingly taped and more importantly didnt consent to it being put on social media he did no wrong as long as it was consensual sex.

  3. Here’s my take on the J Hunter situation. 

    Social media blows everything completely out of proportion. People are obsessed with drama. Take Hugh freeze as an example. When he was hired at auburn, the majority of fans said they are done with auburn because of Freeze’s past. Fast forward a few months and all of a sudden he is our hero. 

    I always loved this hire and I thought it was funny how many people hated it and now they act like they always supported Hugh. Fake fans here at auburn which sucks but my point is this whole Hunter rumor is just drama and it’ll all work out! WDE and let’s stay focused on facts and let’s not get worked up over rumors right now!

  4. Hugh Freeze came in and immediately with pure energy and picked up a team that had been abandoned… He gives Auburn new hope and direction… I give him a A so far. Hes a great fit and he can recruit! The Auburn Football job is one of the toughest jobs in the nation.

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