The Incredible Science of Football Pitches

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  1. How much water and electricity does this take, I wonder? I mean, obviously a lot, but I'd love to see a breakdown on resource consumption. I'm sure it's out there somewhere already.

  2. I'm here after watching Welcome to Wrexham. The fact that Wrexham spent £100k on a pitch that completely crapped out and then another £100k is obviously mind-blowing, because I guess I have never seen in detail the administrative side of the game.

  3. Man City made great strides with undersoil heating at Maine Rd in the late 70's/early 80's while other clubs struggled. Despite being a club who were perennially lower table (if not relegation battlers) at the time, City went top of the league during a period of otherwise Liverpool domination ostensibly due to the fact everyone else's games kept being called off.

  4. there's also the option of just ignoring the steps in entire video, subcontract the job of building a pitch to some shady crony firm for cheap and pocket the rest of the budget

    at least in my country that's how we usually do it, oh and blame the regular people for whatever bs reason whenever they complain about something that's actually valid to bring up

  5. You “kids” will never believe that in winter the only grass was around the corner flags- if you were lucky. Look at the pitch for the Hereford Utd vs Newcastle Utd FA Cup match. How Ronnie Redford scored that screamer I’ll never know.

  6. This is why football pitches are best in England. Other parts of the world is just too expensive to have this system.

  7. So what happened to the experiment Leicester City ran? … 'cause I had a similar idea for poor clubs 'cept I'd make it more like a greenhouse wherein the pitch could be sustained all year round in top condition in any weather, in combination with a heating system beneath the pitch, fans and vents for air circulation, automated temperature-regulating system, and all ice, snow, rainwater collected into underground watertanks would be re-used for watering… benefits are obvious, I think – greater pitch, greater experience for the players and lower energy bills for the club. o/

  8. To me, the greatest advance in football tecnology is the pitch. At least to me it had a far greater impact over the game than the ball, boots and gloves. (of course leaving the old leather balls and the fact that keepers didn´t use gloves aside)

  9. Fun fact:
    The lights they use are the same cannbis growers use
    They’re 1000w gavita lights and cost about £600 each and cost about £40 a week to use
    Trust me

  10. Although you wouldn't notice it standing on a football pitch.. the pitch isn't perfectly level and flat there needs to be a fall from one corner to the opposite corner of 1-2 meters for the drainage to work. Same as flat roof.

  11. Why suddenly this video pop up in my feeds👀🙄

    Is this because after someone blame the grass for unable to score goals to win a game recently 🤣

  12. I don't care much for the sport, aside from when my country is absolutely represented of course, but this style of video does bridge the gap to peak my interest.

    Well done.

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