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  1. Osu could of easily won if they kicked FG😂😂. But osu is overrated, Ryan day isn’t that good and their defense seems to get weaker every year these last few years and with a new DC who’s good but with one of the most complex schemes I don’t seen osu turning their defense around in a year. Probably rank top 25 which is still isn’t that great.

  2. As a Duck fan I’ve got a question. Why didn’t OSU KICK A COUPLE FIELD GOALS!!! If they would have done that and went for two after there last score, they could have won the game. I was watching the game in a bar and people were asking that question.

  3. Thanks a lot Matt. You need to find out for us who the suspect is that left a rubber duck on the 50 yard line after everyone left. Nice of them to leave our calling card.

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