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  1. Wisconsin needs to genuinely look about switching things up with their quarterback situation.
    They have always had the talent for a solid team but hell they would be better off if they would have kept a jack coan. (He's just a decent guy…nothing special but definitely better then Mertz)

  2. Is it just me or does Jesse Luketa look like he could be a STUD at D-end. I'm talking potential first round pick. It's so abnormal for a guy to come in and play DE like that so naturally, and at such a high level. I'm not saying he will go in the first round, but if I'm an NFL scout, I've got my eyes on him. Look at that length! It just looks like the right spot for him

  3. 19:05: calls like this wouldn't happen if PSU taught consistent tackling fundamentals to talented prospects like Brooks. For all the talk of what a big hit it was, Mertz was still up after Brooks made contact. What's the point of such "tackling" if the man doesn't go to the turf?

  4. Based on the games played so far, my top 10:

    1.Alabama (beat Miami 44-13)
    2. Georgia (beat Clemson 10-3)
    3. Ohio State (beat Minnesota 45-31)
    4. Texas A&M (beat Kent St. 41-10)
    5. Clemson (lost to Georgia 10-3)
    6. UCLA (beat LSU 38-27)
    7. Cincinnati (beat Miami OH 49-14)
    8. Oklahoma (beat Tulane 40-35)
    9. Norte Dame (beat FSU 41-38 in OT)
    10. Iowa (beat Indiana 34-6)

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