#3 Georgia vs #2 Alabama Highlights | Week 7 2020 College Football Highlights

Georgia vs Alabama. Week 7 2020 College Football Highlights of Georgia vs Alabamas on 10/17/2020 See an ad? If you see any …


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  1. I don't get it. Did Bennett really that much from this game to 2021 and 2022? Damn Tide, you guys should have buried this guy in the Natty just you did in this game. A complete shutout in the second half. He'll go undrafted.

  2. Mac Jones is a product of his environment… he’s really not that good of a qb so many horrible thrown balls that the receivers had to come back an adjust to . Definitely not a top 5 qb

  3. Loving all the comments that say UGA should have kept Justin Fields..Kirby was dumb for letting him go lol 3 months later who looking dumb now 🤔🤷🤷💀

  4. Some teams can hang around with Bama for a few rounds. It’s when you get to those championship rounds that most opponents fold.

  5. I would say by watching these highlights, georgia has the best front 4, but I definitely would take waddle over ruggs and jeudy. I think waddle is a better route runner, riggs might be a little bit faster

  6. I still don't get how that first throw was called an interception. You clearly see it bounce off the ground and back into his arms. And Georgia fans wanna whine that the refs helped Alabama. Please.

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