Changing Your Life With Stoic Philosophy | Ryan Holiday Speaks To USC Football

The South Carolina Gamecocks asked Ryan Holiday to speak to the football team about ego and how to avoid it. Learn more …


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  1. I´m almost done with this video, but the one thing that caught my attention is post-traumatic growth. I once injured my whole back practicing archery and I was forced to take an 8 month break. When I came back, I had the best season of my life and that was even better when I missed half of it due to the injury

  2. Where is the video where Ryan talks about the toxic news cycle? He talks about how news is always "breaking" or "developing" and how news is designed not to inform but to sell ads.

  3. For me, inner scorecard makes most sense because lot of other things I am already familiar with and have been practicing lot of it with some success; inner scorecard and external scorecard is the key for me. It also keeps me humble and keeps me stay away from ego. After watching this video now I sleep well because now I know I am doing my very best and measure myself against my internal scorecard…I still need to find what I would like to have in my inner scorecard but I have few things and already helping me. I see this concept relatable to ‘ Not giving F**k’ mantra of Mark manson’s book.

  4. I dont agree fully that we can avoid ego because professionally other people are always trying to take your job from you. However using our strengths and following our conscience and values instead of being what we think we need to be will take us further .

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