College Football Conference Championship Game Free Picks: Utah vs USC and North Texas vs. UTSA

It’s the College Football Conference Championship Game Week Edition of the Winners Circle podcast featuring college football …


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  1. You should've had Auburn +22. Auburn down by 18. Kicks 40+ yd FG with backup kicker. He nails it, cutting Bama lead to 15 with 2:00 left. If he misses it, Bama gets it on 20-25 yd line and likely runs out clock or punts to AU with a minute left.

    Instead, he nails it and AU proceeds to onside kick. Kick goes right to Bama guy fairly near sideline. The guy with ball, instead of what would happen in any other galaxy, doesn't happily fall down with ball and 15-pt lead but instead takes off an open sideline down to Auburn 30. I knew right then I was screwed (AU with two t.o.'s remaining).

    Bama runs routine 3-yd play. AU uses a t.o. Very next play, another routine handoff…goes 30 yds untouched for a backbreaking TD; xp perfect, of course…22-pt win and – A PUSH.

    Onside kick, run up middle, either kick f.g., make 1st down with minute left, cash a ticket…right? Not me. Nothing routine. Amazing.

    (Not to mention horrible fumbled punt return call in first half with 3-min remaining that denied AU a possession and gave Bama another one, at the 35-yd line. Bama cashes it in at the buzzer for a 35-14 backbreaker right at the buzzer. +22 should've been an easy winner.

    I'm a Bama guy and Bama never gets OBVIOUSLY bad calls that get reviewed going their way but my cash makes all the difference, and one angle actually showed light between the returner's hands and ball and they confirmed the bs call on the field anyway.)

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