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After Russell Wilson’s disappointing showing against the Colts, Mike Florio and Peter King analyze why Denver’s ownership could …


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  1. Holy hell, he sat there and took the blame and said that he needed to be better and these guys are killing him because he said let’s ride. F***ing clowns.

  2. Look at this way. Russell Wilson should receive a Nobel Prize for economics. Why so? Answer: He out foxed the economic fox experts which made the those in the front offices of the Seahawks and Broncos look like idiots. 
    People forget who called for the pass play on the 2nd yard line during the Super Bowl between the Patriots and the Seahawks…..PETE CARROLL when they had one of the greatest rushers of all time……the beast Marshawn Lynch. The bottom line to these characters hosting this alleged sport show experts: It's much to do about nothing.

  3. Russell is a football player. He can play the game all he needs is a coach that recognizes his strengths and weaknesses. Russell is not a pocket passer so why call plays that aren't suitable for him? Bad, dumb, foolish coaching.
    This analysis you have about Russell Wilson is like high school stuff.
    Let the man be. You guys are psychologists nor were you ever a professional football players. You guys are wannabes.
    If the Broncos would get a sensible coach the talk about the Broncos would be different.
    I actually don't care about your program. Instead of talking football you guys talk about craps that doesn't do anything for fan base.

  4. Russell’s problem is that everything he does is calculated. With Seattle he ended every interview with “Go Hawks” and now he thinks it’s his thing so he says the BC let’s ride thing and it’s corny.
    He wants to look like a hard worker so he kept his pads on 45 min after the game. We all see through it

  5. Why do these sports analysts/ podcasters keep mentioning Sean Payton ? He is too smart to be a part of the dumpster fire in Denver… ? Nobody is touching flip Wilson. He is a joke.

  6. Broncos country, lets Ride…😅 ,. If flip Wilson fails to perform tmrw in London against the Jaguars.. let Wilson ride the ‘pine’ , i . E ,. Put his ass on the bench., let Rypien q,b,. What does Denver have to lose ? They already threw millions away on the flipper and threw away 3 great players,. Plus 2 first round picks , 2 second round picks and 1 5th round pick , i believe.. just tragic ., alcohol must have been served heavily at the negotiation table … ???

  7. Never seen a quarterback take more delay of game penalties in my life. It's never talked about enough. Swear it was like three a game when he was on the Hawks. Broncos really screwed themselves, but I'm thrilled!

  8. I have the answer: Ciara isn’t in love with him anymore and he knows it. Look at his eyes. They’re dead during games. He’s not there.

    It’s the woman! It’s the woman! It’s the woman!

    He is losing his woman, and he knows it and cannot handle it.

    Nothing else would throw Russ off of his game like this. He is playing like he doesn’t care. I’ll bet it’s a recent event.

    That situation reminds me of Mike Tyson with Robyn Givens. He’s more in love than she is, which is backwards.

    Russ is corny and hurting her brand, and he has made it kind of clear that he doesn’t trust her…showing up on her video shoots, etc., unannounced.

    She’s not into him anymore. She doesn’t want to hurt the guy or his career, and she really doesn’t want to hurt her kids. But she’s not feeling him. I’ll bet money on it.

  9. I hate to said it but Pete Carroll and Seattle Seahawks have won the trade in the short term, that Russell Wilson still has enough to play with Denver Broncos you just wait and see how Russell Wilson and Denver Broncos finished the rest of the NFL regular season what added pieces needed to meet added to the Denver Broncos team during the off-season if Russell Wilson improve his next year with the Denver Broncos then everything is fine it's still a transitional period because the Denver Broncos having new ownership group.

  10. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !!! Ya , you Bronco morons really screwed us here in Seattle ! Almost as bad as you did in the SUPERBOWL !!! HA HA HA HA HA !!!

  11. Wilson succeeded in Seattle cuz the offenses were always very simple. Run out of shotgun and run over n over again then throw a deep ball. Wilson still has the best deep ball in the game. I think Hackett's offense may be too sophisticated for him and nobody is on the same page and its up to Hackett to coach things up and dummy things down a bit or his job may be done

  12. Nuetral observer. This is a problem with senior team management and the head coach will ultimately need to go, but I don’t think the Broncos will come back from this, this year

  13. This is garbage talk-radio-like nonsense.

    Fire somebody! We don't know what's happening, why they're bad, or anything else, but Hackett is new and Wilson is new and somebody told me they suck so fire them!!!!

  14. He had great years ( decade) in Seattle. But he is done before he begun , in Denver. There’s no match .with r . Wilson, rookie head coach ., natty nathaneil , rookie head coach nfl . . And new Walton owners. It aint there . Broncos, “ country , lets ride ..,? “ broncos fans ur screwed. 6 and 11 best . Bad little ponies . … bad , bad . Wasted ur millions ..

  15. Maybe Denver Broncos defense can win another Super Bowl for you like the Legion of Boom did in Seattle. The Legion of boom gave you a 22 point lead at halftime!!! You took all the credit and the money!!! Kiss my —-

  16. Broncos fan since 1986. Great discussion. Wilson's an entirely separate matter w/his contract- but I would think Hackett & Co. have between now, and the Bye to start showing they can put 20+ points a game on the board (fairly "run of the mill" type stuff in today's NFL). Otherwise- adios.

  17. Russell was what Kyler Murray is now, a short but mobile QB whose running ability made him such an effective player. Unfortunately for most runners, the first thing that goes are the legs and with it, the speed. He's now discovering that just transitioning instantly into a drop back style is impossible.

  18. This is so hilarious what’s wrong with Russ 🤣🤣🤣. This is what happens when you crown a game manager type QB as some kind of elite player. He isn’t that and he never has been and never will be there is nothing wrong with him he is just the most overrated QB I’ve ever seen in my life. Seattle been trying to dump Russ for years they knew it that he couldn’t carry an offense or a team it’s why he never trusted him with the keys to the Ferrari! This is laughable with all these he’s lost his fast ball dude never had one!

  19. Broncos fan here and honestly I don't feel concerned. Just yet anyway lol. Injuries are worry some hurting our team just like any other team. Feel good about our depth its solid.We just are not gelling at the moment. Alot of football left so we will see. Patience is a virtue. Let's go Broncos!

  20. The reality of Russell Wilson isn't too complicated. At his best, he was a mobile scrambler who could make something out of nothing. He had good athleticism and a strong arm with great deep ball accuracy. Even without the run game and defense he had early on in his career, he was skilled enough and read the field well enough to be a top 10 QB every year – top 5 at his peak. However, the knee and ankle injuries he sustained in 2016, and all the hits he took by holding on to the ball for far too long (his greatest flaw) all began to add up.

    By 2018, it was evident he wasn't as quick as he used to be. By 2020, it was evident that he was merely quick enough to extend plays, but not quick enough to escape or play backyard football in the same way. That's the problem. Russ is a gamer – a guy who plays backyard football and makes big plays. He's not surgical, he doesn't live to play another down. His height didn't matter because of his legs. His legs are gone, and now his height is an issue. Anyone who thinks he only started slowing down last year is out of their mind. This has been going on for a while now.

    His very best years are likely behind him. Russell Wilson knows how to play football one way, and no matter what team he plays for, the offense will always look the same. The fanbase will blame the OC, the head coach for holding him back, a bad O-line. The truth is, it's not all on the OC – Russell will always make executive decisions when the play doesn't go according to plan. It's not the head coach holding him back – maybe Pete is a little smarter than all of us are. Maybe he knew Russ has limitations. Lastly, it's not all on the O-line – even a good O-line would have trouble blocking for Russ when he's running around in circles 20 yards behind the line of scrimmage holding onto the ball for 8-10 seconds at a time.

    Russell Wilson has had a great career. He's been a top 10 QB in this league his entire career and is likely a hall of famer. Some of that is tied to the LOB, some of that is because he has been successful and unique, and definitely played a role in top NFL coaches and execs rethinking what a QB can do. At this point in his career, he no longer possess the physical tools to be the QB he's been. If he can be humble and try to adapt, he's one of the hardest workers out there, and I can see him having success, but I don't think he'll ever reach the same highs he did in Seattle.

  21. They are really overblowing the situation in Denver

    It's a first time head coach. It's a new QB in a new city. It's a new system for the QB. It takes time to really learn the new system

  22. You people are way overreacting. Just wait til russ turns its up and turns it around. Hes a good dude and a hell of a player.yall will be singing a different tine by the end pf the season

  23. He's just not that good anymore.
    Pete played you sports gossip hacks like a virtuoso….
    He got the Seahawks 3 players, 4 high draft picks and his quarterback is outplaying wee Russ for 1/10th the cost…
    The walmart donkeys of Denver got…."let's ride, weeeeeee"
    For $125 million guaranteed……

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