EA Sports College Football — NEW DETAILS (Roster Customization and More!)

EA Sports College Football has more new details come out about the game’s plans! Fully Story: https://wp.me/p5yfYb-dyA Still …


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  1. 2:17 completely untrue, it's still gonna be hard to find the consoles until the game releases. They wouldn't do their fans like that, and since this was a year ago it's been updated with news so no.

  2. 90% of the comments never played ncaa 14 and it shows. Roster customization? Real names? That’s wasn’t why people bought the game. It was recruiting and dynasty. Getting a small school to be a force to be reckon with was why people bought it. Not roster customization. 😂😂😂

    Also. If you only care about roster customization then don’t even bother buying the game. It won’t be worth your money. I promise.

  3. So Not the fans cant Make Create Roster with current Roster with Etc etcv ?
    i have Downloand Many Roster and Playbook By the fans 20 it not EA Sports their always Changes the Roster Name

  4. Bro if they don’t have the likeness once they release the game, idk why the consumer isn’t allowed to customize the players to real life CFB players. Bc EA didn’t release the game with player likeness so they didn’t do anything wrong, they just gave us the creativity to do it in our pens

  5. I'm just happy a game is being made. I didn't expect all the features to be present as far as name customization is concerned though it would be disappointing, but at long as the game is solid and those features will be added back in the future

  6. Hope they bring back RTG and be able to upload recruiting classes when they get everything settled with the player likeness. Shit they could’ve just remastered NCAA14 for us haha

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