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  1. Arizona States looks good for a team who cheated and got caught by the NCAA. Did the NCAA ban them yet?? Did they fire your head coach for the NCAA violations?

  2. Is it even a flag for roughing or is it just for hitting too hard even if it's clean… anytime someone gets thier clock cleaned I see yellow…there's no reason for most of them other than hey, dude git rocked. Should they just wear flags? 🤔

  3. Can we start a petition to get rid of commentators. Its like someone talking through a movie non-stop. They just tell you what you just watched. They're useless.

  4. I suspect we'll have a long season, honest take, it was a sloppy game. A lot of Freshmans and Sophomores on the roster this year and it showed.

  5. I’m loving this game because of the crowds involved, but one must wonder🤔…is Arizona ignorant to the pandemic? Just curious. Either way football looked and sounded better with the crowd. Not a fake Ambiance.

  6. Defense looks good. Lots of work to be done still on Special Teams. Also, when a team is penalized for over 100 yards in the FIRST HALF, there is a problem with discipline. That wont fly against a team like USC or Utah. The potential is there boys. Clean it up and we're looking at a promising season.

    Edited because I can't spell… I swear I'm smart.

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