The EA Sports College Football Video Game is coming BACK! | What features do CFB fans need?

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  1. I don't want money involved in transfer portal or recruiting will pass on that. Like miami and Oregon and whomever starts with 10 mil year to hand out when your little school gets 100k.



    I will Return to This Video to Add A MISSION STATEMENT of "EXPECTANCY" for NCAA-24(❓)
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  3. Still run like robots. Moved over to FIFA in the time CFB has been gone. Sorry can’t go back to a Ford fiesta after driving a Bugatti for a decade. If they get with the fifa people to learn their craft, I’ll play

  4. I remember me and my bro played NCAA 07 with Bush on the cover and we must've played like over a hundred games and only beat me once. The NCAA 12-13 me and my homie played countless battles and every game it was a last sec score to win the game we rarely blew each other out it was hella fun to win or lose unlike Madden it's not even fun when you win cause you know you did something cheesy to exploit the brokenness of Madden video game SMH.

  5. All I want them to make sure they put in the game is the unique nature of each stadium, like in Neyland we checker the fan sections or in OU they do the crimson and cream stripes and in Happy Valley they do the whiteouts etc. Love it.

  6. The transfer portal will undoubtedly be in the new game. I don’t think there’s a question about that. I just hope that the game allows for conversations to take place between a player and a coach. Be more like NCAA 13. You have a player that enters his name in the portal it’d be nice as the coach to figure out why. Let’s say you’re coaching at Penn St and you have a kid from Florida who enters the portal cause he’s home sick. It’d be cool to tell him that you’ll play a game in Florida so he can visit home, maybe that player even gets some sort of boost that game like the X factor in Madden now. I’d also like for those promises to players to impact your recruiting ability. If you’re making all these promises to players and not keeping them it’d be cool for that to have an impact on your reputation as a coach and your ability to get players. And if you have a bunch of players upset it should effect the moral of the team and make it harder to win games. Also in the old recruiting trees the top item was instant commit, I’d like to see the top item in the tree being a decreased chance for your players to enter the portal and maybe even the ability to make 5-10 players untouchable to the portal. Let’s say you have a senior QB and a sophomore QB and the sophomore is going to be a stud for you but you want to give the senior his last season. It’d be nice to make the back up sophomore QB untouchable so you can still have him for the following season.

  7. 1) Put CFP
    2) Transfer Portal
    3) NIL budget
    4) Allow us to hire our own coordinators
    5) Flip commits
    6) Ability to add capacity to a stadium
    7) keep all of ncaa 14 dynasty features
    8) Fix ranking system where an undefeated G5 team ranks #1 while they played no one
    9) make it almost impossible to convince a kid to stay if they are rated 95+ and projected to go in the first 3 rounds
    10) less chances of unrealistic upsets on a weekly basis

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