Virginia Tech vs. Miami Football Highlights (2019)

Virginia Tech vs. Miami: Virginia Tech went into Miami and got their first conference win by defeating the Hurricanes 42-35. Miami …


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  1. Sigh miami back to the doldrums.
    Guess whose better 2 years after that 8-41 win? Us
    I wa glad Mark shit quit that job. That jackass has no respect and neither do hurricanes fan do.
    Get ready to get assed next year at south bend

  2. Nkosi is our guy! Enough with this battle. KEEP THIS KID IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude is nasty! Know when to throw it out, knows when to run it, looks both ways, the kids and fans love him. He beat FSU. KEEP THE FUCKING KID IN!!! I DONT CARE WHOS BETTER IN PRACTICE! THIS KID IS OUR LEADER! CYA in miami Friday GO CANES!

  3. We’re suppose to have a great season this year but only ran the ball like 10 times 🤦🏼‍♂️ wtf are the coaches doing. VT couldn’t stop the run all year and so we only throw?

  4. I have never seen a fanbase turn so quickly on a new coach. We all bought into #tnm & when it doesn't go perfect u throw in the towel and call for the coaches job..already? I've been a Miami season ticket holder for 15 years & can honestly say our fanbase has gone from a proud bunch of men & women to a bunch of Fairweather crybaby millinial whiners. In the internet age if u don't get instant gratification u fucking give up instantly. Some of u make me literally sick to my stomach. I'm sticking by my coaches side and will give him a year or two to prove he is the right one. After that if he fails to produce then I could see talking about changes, not after 5 fucking games..I'm out.

  5. Young Head Coaches. Both teams were sloppy at times. One or two penalties called were questionable. Injuries are always a detriment to a team. Miami had some tough breaks with the initial interceptions and Virginia Tech dominated the first half. Miami, in my opinion, dominated the second half but the time was not there and the penalties hurt. In the end, I suppose it is what it is and Miami happened to lose, not really beat, lost. If that makes any sense.

  6. Can we not just enjoy the fact that this was an epic game between two struggling teams? No excuses, no trash talk. You'd better believe both teams earned each others' respect…..not sure why a bunch of couch potato fans and kids can't be respectful of the other team and their fanbase. Lots of mistakes but still a great game by both teams. Go Hokies!

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