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The Eagles seemed to be on the verge of a Carson Wentz deal, but now all is quiet on the trade market. Is Philadelphia now …


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  1. As a die hard bears fans it’s a two way street with Wentz. We don’t want him and he doesn’t wanna be here. I don’t want a prisoner on my team, I want someone who wants to wear the blue and orange.

  2. He looks a lot more like colin Kapernick Marc buldger or dante Culpeper than he does like Manning 😂 TBH I think 2 second rounders is more than Indy should offer

  3. It's very simple, the Eagles are clearly too invested in Wentz. Trading him is completely stupid. They will never get close to what they have invested. SO KEEP HIM! He is the best player on the team. Fix it and make it right. He comes back as the starter next year. Period the end.

  4. Carson killed his trade value by being quiet and having his people speak for him saying he wants out and dictating what team he wants to go to. His mental fragility makes him worth a 2nd rounder. Why trade anything more than a 2nd rounder for a guy with "upside", who has good talent, but has a history of being a horrible leader.

  5. Eagles: we should get a first at least.
    Other teams: you can give us your first next year, Wentz, Ertz, and we will toss you a 4th rounder this year and eat your dumb contract.

  6. BS. Why would the Bears possibly want Wentz? Injury history. Terrible numbers. Their really gonna sell him to the fans? No. I don't believe they want him at all.

  7. Caused damaged goods , never be the same . I was at Rams Buds game 2019 , DB Peters for Rams makes a pic and takes it back ……as he crosses goal and 300+ lb Buc lineman made a collision course and just smashs him . he left game never returned and they traded him

  8. It doesn’t matter what my Eagles 🦅 get for Carson Wentz!!! Howie will screw up the Draft pick no matter what!! “Howie Roseman” is the problem!!!

  9. Why do you all say Reich loves Wentz? As a Philly guy I never heard that when Reich was here. As a matter of fact in 2017 He said Wentz was "difficult". Reich wants a pocket passer. like Palmer for his offense. Wentz's record in the pocket is not that great. In 2017 he garnered a reputation because of his escapability. I can remember hearing Merill Reese on a number of occasions exclaiming "How did he get out of that?" How about this 3 way trade: 1. Wentz goes to Chicago ('cause I don't care about the Bears) Phiily gets back Foles (Wentz won't want him at his shoulder anyway) and a 1st. 2. The Colts get Ertz and Foles (to be a backup and remember it was Reich who changed up the playbook for Foles when they went to the superbowl) for a 1st There maybe other compensations but you get the gist of it. The Bears get a shot at a potential franchise QB with Flip there to get his mechanics back on track (This could save Pace and Nagy's jobs). The Eagles end up with 2 1sts and out of a huge contract The Colts and Reich gets a great tightend and the best backup you could possibly want. This looks like a win-win-win.

  10. The Eagles are going to have to either send a pick or a player to get Wentz off their books. No way someone gives them anything of value.
    That Colt's rumor was made up.

  11. Overall this is getting blown up way to much. I think the main reason they haven't traded wentz yet is there new head coach is just getting a coaching staff together. Nick Sirianni and this eagles staff need to go through the whole roster! Its not just about wentz. I mean as I'm typing this so many players come to mind that I think the eagles want to let go.. Desean Jackson, Alshon jeffery, Malik Jackson, jalen mills, Jason peters, nickell robey coleman, Crevon LeBlanc, zach ertz, Duke reiley, jj arecga whiteside, Corey clement, marquise goodwin.. so many guys on the chopping block lol

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