#8 Georgia Highlights Vs. #6 Florida 2019 | CFB Week 10 | College Football Highlights 2019

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  1. Jake Fromm was an average college QB at best. The more that was asked of him, the more his game regressed. IMO Jake being the starting QB set the program back at least a season or two.

  2. Thank you for providing commentary that isn't just CBS. I had to miss this game and finally got the time to watch the highlights and I appreciate not hearing Gary's voice.

    Also how bout them f#$%ing dawgs?!

  3. UGA deserves to be in the playoffs based on the fact Ohio State has not played a worthy opponent all year. UGA has played several worthy opponents.

  4. Blown 3rd and 6 call in favor of Georgia that led to a touchdown before half. Who knows what would have happen if they hadn’t done the unthinkable and call one of the worst “play stands” call in the history of football. Everyone knows the drop pass they ruled a catch that I’m speaking of.

  5. @ 7:07 still dont know how the refs didnt see that helmet to helmet on woerner by #31 for UF. He even launched himself at woerner! He ONLY hit woerner's helmet… and nothing else on him! lol

  6. Is this a neutral Moderator/ Speaker? Or is he member of Georgia? Seems he is very pro bulldogs!! Anyway, they might not Play bad Football, but why is this Team so unsymphathic? Bcs their fans n supporters. Seen them in the audience acting so aggressive! Strange fans! Sure, every fan wants to win his Team – but in Fairness! Wish every Team will win – but Georgia!

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