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  1. It would have been better for the Shadows to win the game so they would say they finally won something and in passing they would have given D'jock a lesson in humility

  2. The story is really well designed and the 2D animations have improved! However, the 3D ones are sometimes good, but sometimes really bad.

    The whole action involving Sonny and his team was awesome, specially the train fight. They are even more badass after this season!
    Aarch using the Breath was also really badass!

    I am sorry for both Master Simbra and Lord Magnus Blade. Magnus wasn't really a bad guy. He did got greedy, but he never had the intention to harm anybody, not even Sonny. He turned away from vengeance on the pirates, started a new life and really managed to create a paradise "No matter what, Paradisia will remain a beautiful dream… for me and for you!" – A painful but glorious farewell to his biggest achievement!

  3. this seris is realy going down the drain now the animation sucke the voises sucks the football action sucks and they are re using all the camera shoots like with Sened one sek he has the snowkids earpease the next the shadows

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