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  1. Well the great news is the Snow guys have got there Star player and best player they really needed D'Jok in order to win the Cup again because without him they would lose with ease right guys because they weren't doing so far even with Mei support mostly weren't they right guys if you get my point!

  2. I always felt sorry for Sinedd. Although he is an asshole, he is still a great player, an excellent captain and took the leadership of the Shadows, by becoming their coach and kept the team strong.

    That moment with "shadows don't cry" and that guy crying just afterwards was hilarious! I love the humour from this season. It's the funniest season of all three and also the most emotional. I personally enjoy it, at least when they are not in the matches or in the training sesions, where we clearly see a downgrade in the animations. Other than that, I love this season too.

  3. they got into semifinals on paradisia and won a championship match without him already.. you call that bad? this happens a lot in real life also.. semifinal is a great succes.. the fact that you did not win does not mean that you are bad

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