Top 10 wildest plays of 2018 college football season | ESPN

10. North Texas punt returner Keegan Brewer fakes fair catch and runs ball in for touchdown (0:20) 9. Miami wide receiver Darrell …


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  1. #4 has a blatant block in the back missed call you can see at the 33 yard line….idk how that call got missed cuz he was broke down right in front of the return man.

  2. Wow making me relive the most bullshit win of all time against my tigers. Never seen refs give a team so many chances, lsu beat a&m maybe 10 times that night.

  3. 10. playing possum
    9. OBJ w/traffic
    8. Pinball Sanders
    7. Hail Mary Tar Heel
    6. OBJ w/ traffic minus a TD
    5. Boilermaker Rabbit Run
    4. above ground Gopher TD
    3. falling back grab
    2. one arm catch & roll
    1. (please add a caption)

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