I Went To 3 Football Games in 24 Hours

In this video I am trying to attend 3 football games in 24 hours. Play SORARE via my link: https://sorare.pxf.io/rQQAyB Subscribe to …


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  1. I know that I might get hate for this but I live in Düsseldorf and drive for all the games from VFL Osnabrück to Osnabrück. The atmosphere against Dortmund II in the past season was an 11/10. In the afternoon I wanted to go to Fortuna – Berlin but I was too tired (after roughly 4h of driving to Osnabrück and back).

  2. Funfact is that both ksc and Hertha away have been supporting each other so there have been many Hertha Ultras at the KSC Game and a lot KSC Fans at the Hertha Game, thats why the both where so present. They kinda did the same thing you did when rushing to the next game.
    Hertha und der KSC🤝🏻💙🤍💙

  3. the schalke ultras came 30 minutes after kick-off because they were stuck in traffic. Schalke usually have much better fans and a much better

  4. Fun Fact around 200 Hertha Fans visited the Away end to support their Friends from Karlsruhe against Osnabrück and around 150 Karlsruhe Supporters later joined Herthas Away End in Düsseldorf..

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