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  1. Some of those high kicks are terrifying, not only are studs up but the force that their foot is going towards another players face could seriously injure someone. For those instances, red cards are definitely necessary, it’s just too dangerous

  2. Не одной смешной карточки, или игрок не прав или соперник слишком хитёр но и в добавок судья тупой

  3. – tripping/clipping/undercutting
    – shouldering/shoulderbutting/shoulderpopping
    – diving/flopping/faking a foul/faking injury
    – kicking/legging
    – trash talk/gesture (mocking, taunting/, swearing, threatening, cursing, smearing, shouting, joking, trolling)
    – holding/grabbing/catching/clutching
    – slapping/clapping/smacking/palming
    – playing when referee stopping/didn't the game
    – stomping/stamping/footing/feeting/jumping/stepping on
    – pushing/shoving/thrusting/checking
    – charging/bumping/nudging/crashing/launching/jumping in
    – headbutting/nodding/headshook/heading
    – sliding/slipping
    – chording/choking
    – time wasting/delaying

  4. Why do male footballer’s have to be childish and aggressive in the game. Made be if there money was deducted then maybe we would have descent game. Grow up 😡😡😡😡

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