Every Premier League Home Shirt 2023/24 | TIER LIST

Ross Tweddell is joined by Kayla North as they stick every Premier League home shirt into a tier list! HOLD AND GIVE FPL link: …


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  1. The upside to Brentford's sponsorship problem is that the youth version uses their previous sponsor (who is also now Luton's sponsor, as this video informed me) so no betting ads on kids' kits.

  2. Would like to see your opinions on this season's crop of away shirts too. Some very interesting designs about. Man United's third shirt is pure class. The green away monstrosity, however, goes straight in the Relegated section.

  3. Kayla seemed so natural on her debut. 👏👏

    Edit: More kit rankings please!
    This seasons aways, Englands, specific teams through the years, any other leagues.

  4. We must be looking at wrong things but that Chelsea shirt is terrible. The badge on that looks like it's from one of them bootleg ones. And that is fore sure not a 90's retro kit as well, If you want to fully 90's go for the 1997 to 99 kit with the autoglass kit which is the best kit they had. Also I would just put all Nike kit's in relegation since they are all terrible with the stupid shoulder design which they have for every kit even for international football

  5. Ngl as someone who got into football because of workplace banter, the euros during the pandemic, this past world cup and playing h2h FPL in the office.
    Hold and give has been sucha great channel for getting more insight on football.

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