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  1. I don't know where this "Odegaard is playing further back" is coming from. He's played exactly the same role as last year alongside Havertz, Rice and anyone else in that role so far. Great listen otherwise. Cheers.

  2. The new extra time rules are ridiculous – clean sheets will go because of tired legs and every club playing in Europe will be at a disadvantage from playing more minutes every week.

  3. Gross goes forward from whatever position he is playing -that is challenge of facing Brighton these days -most players have permission to go forward. So many teams adopting some version of this strategy now.

  4. Most content from ffs I think is great but think "goals imminent" is flawed at the core. Its looking at the game in the wrong way.

    You can compare it to “Catching a falling knifes” on the stock market, the general thinking is that you think you seen something that others haven't and you and can catch that forgotten gem at the right time when they start scoring, or on the stock market when the stock stops falling and start going up again. But in 99.9% of the cases there is a reason the player/stock isn't performing and you should look at performing players that already have turned around and is on the rise, not players that maybe could should would have performed… replace it with some statistical content that actually makes sense imho 😊

    I get that it's looking at differentials, but the differential is the combo of players or finding fixtures and already performing players not the "falling knifes".

  5. Exactly my thoughts on Beyer, Joe! Why is everyone jettisoning him in favour of other 4.0 options etc?
    Are people thinking they’ll have to go third bench player deep for GW2? Bench Boost GW2? 🤔😂

  6. My Salah draft. Pretty strong overall I'd say.

    Chillwell – Gabriel – Etsu
    Saka – Bruno – Mbuemo – Salah – Martinelli
    Haaland – JP

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