How to Throw a Football Farther || #shorts

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  1. You worked so hard for that, so effortless looking and impressive. 🎉 Thanks for helping me improve my throwing arm! Love you man! Keep looking amazing out there and rule the field! 🏈🤠 🤎

  2. I play the everywhere but america kind of football and im a goalkeeper. When we throw a ball, we use our entire upper and lower body to just absolutely yeet the ball

  3. another one you didn't mention: face the way you normally dont when throwing so you are forced to use hip torque and jab your other arm through

  4. Great video!

    Can I ask you some help please? I am working on a school project and I have been searching a lot for a video showing the trajectory of a american football ballon in the air. It's for a mathematical and physical approach.

    have a great day!

  5. Part gifted, part hard work…but if you are short or average height, arm length, its really, really hard to throw football like this dude. Mike vick was about 5’11 but he is genetic freak…most of us don’t have it unfortunately.

  6. You're not explaining the most important detail. How the ball should leave your hand. That's how you throw a spiral which cuts better and allows for the most distance, not to mention putting enough air under it (but not too much)

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