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0:00 Hello and welcome! 0:45 What do the Robbies expect from Manchester City after winning the treble last season? 9:35 Who is …


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  1. Arsenal fan. Arteta I think wants to set up our midfield similarly to Manchester City – Rice (Rodri) / Havertz (Bernardo Silva) / Odegaard (KDB). Whilst clearly not as accomplished as Manchester City midfield (won it all), it’s much younger and hopefully can develop together.

  2. On the thing about Arteta’ behavior, he is a young manager, has only been doing this 3 years and I believe he is growing along with the players and I think the players understand this too

  3. the 2 robbies are as useful as a waterproof tea bag. both done nothing in the game and its no wonder the US audience love them. complete wasters…move on

  4. I don't agree with Robbie tbh, Arteta is himself if anything too much of himself and I think that hurts Arsenal sometimes. Needs to be a little less emotional at times

  5. David Raya 30M out, Mat Turner 10M in = Net 20M out. 2 Seasons sell David Raya 50M+ in. Net profit 30M. 
    how on earth are ignorant pundits missing this. Just good business…!

  6. Liverpool's top priorities are top centerback, and a right fullback that will allow Trent to be the attacking midfielder. Second priority is a holding midfielder. Should Klopp try Gomez in that position?

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