Explaining The College Football Computer Model That Beats Vegas

Our college football computer model has a multi-year track record against Vegas. While we don’t gamble ourselves, and don’t …


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  1. Love the work you guy do! Im interested in how you guys programmed the model and the equations you used to determine the total points. Is there anyway we can get a video of yous explaining the steps of building this model from scratch? In what ever application its done in? Would be very help and insightful. Pls 🙏

  2. Love the channel. As a ND fan you guys have no bias like you talk about and the numbers have been pretty close to actual games. Also it’s nice you guys don’t even have a bias saying the SEC is the best conference even though personally I think they are. Other conferences have teams that beat up on each other making them look good but when they play out of conference games they don’t do as well IE the pac 12, Big 10, and Big 12. Love the channel. Please keep doing ND games!

  3. Looking over the Ole Miss film Mr. #92 Quinnen Williams was quite literally unblockable, i've never seen anything like it. He made quick work of double teams, I think he'll surpass Jonathan Allen and D. Payne. I know there's a guy in Houston everyone expects to be the top DT but look at Quinnen Williams game film against the top competitors he's going against and you tell me who's the better DT.

  4. In the video you guys mentioned that the model tracks how efficiently a team scores points. Do you still use yards per play stats or do you go off of total yards when coming up with that stat?

  5. Do y’all think other stats have any place in your system?
    Time of possession.
    Turnover ratio.
    3rd down conversions
    Special teams efficiency.
    Red zone efficiency
    I was always told those had the most impact on a game. I’m sure it would be hard to predict and assign a value to. Just curious your thoughts? Y’all are killing it by the way! Keep it up!

  6. Is there a sharable format that you are willing to share that viewers can use to plug in teams/games that you do not discuss? Or a site where more game predictions are listed each week? I would be interested to see how this model performs on the top 20ish games each week.
    I recently found the page and enjoy it, even as an Arkansas fan.
    Thanks – keep up the good work.

  7. I like your system, but I'm going to stick with the old Gypsy lady, who lives in the 1940s Airstream Trailer, on the outskirts of town. Madam Helga and her balls have been flawless.

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