FC 24 Ultimate Team | Official Deep Dive Trailer

See the new features in FC 24 Ultimate Team, including Evolutions, women’s football, PlayStyles, and more. Pre-order now: …


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  1. Honestly, I would like to know what has been done to punish players who exploit bugs in the game when they are losing, disconnect, and face no consequences. In fact, even when we are winning a match, they disconnect, and sometimes they still come out as the winners. And up until now, nothing has been done about it. It seems like something straightforward to solve; for instance, if I have 2 goals and my opponent has 1, and there's a loss of connection, I believe I should win the match. But that's not what happens.

  2. the fact that women can play with men in the same team made the game a whole lot worse atleast seperate them into 2 ultimate teams

  3. I feel like this is more of a downgrade tbh. I don’t want “evolutions” new cards and that. Stop over complicating the game, yes we want a change like new game modes.

  4. Please. No kickoff goals and handicap. give us the victory when the opponent leaves . More justice that’s all I ask. It’s about the experience playing not the features

  5. Liga MX is still missing?? Both men and women's teams from LigaMX should be included. I need to play with my CLUB AMERICA! And how is one of the most popular and historic stadiums in the world like the AZTECA STADIUM, not be in the best soccer game?? I don't understand 🤯

  6. Wow can’t wait to see grown men get bodied by women, also it’s now going to be way harder to get players you actually want. Classic EA move reducing pack odds.

  7. The woman’s ratings are crazy, players that people haven’t heard of will be better than underrated players this year Armenian League iran league qatar league liga f and Uae league

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